Nature of Business

GHMC engineering department carry out multiple civil works at different locations in Hyderabad through out the year.

Assistant Engineers and NAC engineers supervise all field level works on day to day basis.SE/CE monitor the work progress being done by AE and NAC engineers.The work can be parks maintenance, Festival works, Road repairs, Drainage repairs etc.


  • Senior management in GHMC engineering department does not get timely updates of work being done by GHMC engineers.

  • Not able to track how many number of AE/NACE’s have reported/not reported to work at work site.

  • Not able to get a snapshot of what are all the sites currently work is going on.

  • Not able to monitor sites where work is progressing well vs. sites not progressing well.


  • Built dashboards for the senior management to get a snapshot of statistics of Engineers login status and activity status of various site.

  • Built Mobile app which will be used by GHMC engineers to check in/Check out and login/logout at their work site which can be tracked through GPS.


  • Near real time monitoring of work progress and engineers attendance through dashboards have resulted into improved productivity of engineers.

  • Enabled CE/SE to take timely corrective action whichever sites the work is not progressing as per the plan.