Supply Chain Management Services

Data Quality as a Service

VCPL provides a 360-degree data quality assurance framework, which range from data quality health assessment to master data maintenance across the board

Sourcing and Procurement

Our full spectrum of sourcing and procurement solutions include source-to-contract and procure-to-pay services that streamline upstream and downstream processes, reducing source-to-settle cycle time

Manufacturing Operations Support

VCPL supports its clients across the manufacturing value chain with high-end strategic services that help solving complex industrial challenges

Order Management

VCPL’s order management services help reduce order processing time and regulate the capital and cash flow through intelligent tracking.

Finance and Accounting Services

Order to Cash (O2C) Services

VCPL provides an end-to-end solution offering a full view of the order to cash process improving operational and financial performance

Procure to Pay(P2P) services

VCPL’s Procure to Pay (P2P) services help firms optimize working capital effectively and streamline processes, ensuring smart compliance management

Record to Report(R2R) Services

Our services improve Record to Report (R2R) processes, providing accurate and timely information of financial data, strengthening compliance

Digital and Content Services

Content- as-a- Service

VCPL's Campaign-as-a-service helps you to manage and drive revenue growth by building meaningful and sustainable relationships with the customer

Campaign- as-a- Service

Digital experiences demands content flexibility. VCPL’s content-as-a-service helps you make the important shift from a page-based approach to consumption based approach delivering content across channels and the gives freedom to design engaging digital experiences.