Nature of Business

Deccan Cements Limited (DCL) with a 2.3 Million Tons for Annum plant, is a major producer of cement in South India, having been in the business of manufacturing and marketing of cement over three decades.


  • Unable to keep a record of work done on site by Marketing staff.

  • Individual communication through back and forth phone calls and WhatsApp Groups.

  • No proper channel of communication.

  • Keeping a record of all the employees in various departments.

  • Manual records are to be maintained to check the performance of employees.

  • Reports of site visit details were manually recorded at the end of the day – consolidation became very difficult.

  • There was no centralized data of dealer visits made, presence of the employee on ground , order in progress and much more.

  • No track of time spent on ground by the employees.


  • Activities’ geo location tagging.

  • Graphical Route monitoring.

  • Getting Real Time Information about the number of dealer visits made.

  • Management report.

  • Not login user report.

  • Trip start/stop time.

  • Pass information on different hierarchy levels.

  • Can communicate to the team in bulk and one to one.

  • Upload pics/docs from field.


  • Team View by Manager.

  • Can have organized data for future references.

  • Manager can view Dealer visits made by sales team .

  • Marketing officer can record all his visits and orders.

  • Able to show the Orders placed, Attendance and Work in progress.

  • Able to view Work Start/stop time,Amount of time spent with dealer,Distance travelled In detail information with the Dealer visits made per day.